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Alrewas Show 2021

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Alrewas Show due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are already planning the 140th Alrewas Show, scheduled for 17th July 2021 and we very much look forward to seeing you all there.

The Alrewas Show Committee


The Horticulture section at the Alrewas Show is very popular with local growers, with some impressive home-grown fruit, veg and floral displays.

For a bit of fun we also have a "Funniest shaped vegetable or oddest flower" category.

Competition Steward:

Janice Harrison

07899 230600

2020 Horticulture section

Prize is for best looking entry unless specified.

Class Category Description
HO 1 Vegetables 6 potatoes of equal size
HO 2 Vegetables 3 onions - dressed
HO 3 Vegetables 6 shallots - dressed
HO 4 Vegetables Heaviest onion
HO 5 Vegetables 3 runner beans - equally matched
HO 6 Vegetables 6 pods broad beans
HO 7 Vegetables 6 pea pods
HO 8 Vegetables 3 carrots equally sized
HO 9 Vegetables Largest carrot
HO 10 Vegetables 3 beetroot
HO 11 Vegetables A pair of courgettes
HO 12 Vegetables A display of 3 different vegetables from above
HO 13 Vegetables A display of 3, any gourd
HO 14 Vegetables A basket of assorted vegetables, up to 10 items
HO 15 Vegetables 6 radish
HO 16 Vegetables 5 tomatoes, same variety, displayed as a group
HO 17 Fruit and Herbs 6 of the same - any variety of soft fruit
HO 18 Fruit and Herbs Collection of 4 different herbs in water
HO 19 Flowers & Fun Sweet Peas 12 spikes
HO 20 Flowers & Fun Vase of 6 flowers - same variety
HO 21 Flowers & Fun Vase of 6 flowers - mixed variety
HO 22 Flowers & Fun Funniest shaped vegetable or oddest flower
HO 23 Flowers & Fun Flowering house plant in a pot
HO 24 Flowers & Fun Hanging basket

Horticulture Gallery

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