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Shire horses have been part of our rural heritage since the 17th century. Direct descendants of the great battle horses of late medieval times, they were used as draught horses in farming and industry for over 300 years and are still the most recognisable breed of British horse.

The tallest horse in history was believed to be a Shire called Mammoth, standing at just over 21.2 hands (86.25 inches, 219 cm). In 1924, at a British exhibition, a pair of Shire horses was estimated to have pulled a starting load equal to 45 tons (equivalent to about 34 Ford Fiestas!)

They've been a feature of the Alrewas Show for over a hundred years, but as their use in agriculture has been superceded by tractors and other farming machinery, their population has dwindled to less than 1500, putting them on the "At Risk" register of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Nowadays, Shires are mostly kept for promotional uses and for showing, though there are a few breweries that still use them to deliver to local hostelries. The Alrewas Show is proud to play its part in promoting these superb animals, with our Shires competitions attracting dozens of entries from all over the country.

You can find out more about Shire horses by visiting the Shire Horse Society website.

Shires Steward:

Donna Green

Shires Main Sponsor

Shire and Heavy Horses Schedule Alrewas Show 2024

Shire Horse Section Schedule

Class Description
01 Gelding (3 years old and upwards, Heavy Horse type)
02 Barren Mare (3 years old and upwards)
03 Any Other Heavy Horse
04 Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding
05 Two year old Filly, Colt or Gelding
06 Brood Mare, 3 years old and over, to be shown with her foal at foot. Mare only to be judged
07 Colt Foal
08 Filly Foal
11 Young Handler
12 Harness



All exhibitors will receive a personal gift courtesy of Tarmac

Shire Horse Foal Champion Sponsors

Mr & Mrs R Whelan

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